I'm securing your sales success by offering you insights, training and mentoring that boost your power to sell more to happier clients.

You can have all the sales needed to be wildly successful by caring for your clients’ success.
My clients find me when they dream of more efficient sales behavior – their own or their teams’ -, when they want to know HOW to sell more in a sustainable client-friendly way, or when they want to know why their approach is less successful now than it was before and how to correct that.

DSalesMentor helps them diagnosing the root causes of low selling power and offers training and mentoring to create their dream of selling more to happier customers. Sales professionals and their leaders thus become the heroes of their clients, clients that buy more, that buy with a smile, and are loyal as never before, thus making you the hero of your company.

Do you have the same dream? DSalesMentor would love to hear about it! Perhaps I have ideas that help you realize it, perhaps not. Only one way to find out, I’m just an email away: dirk.verhoeven@dsalesmentor.com Looking forward to meeting you.

Who am I? I decided to use my sales knowledge and motivational speakers’ skills, built in the 26 years I was a sales professional, sales coach and training manager in pharma and the MedTech industry, to make the world a better place for both buyers and sellers. I developed Care2Sell – an original sales model that combines deep caring for the clients’ results, with the need to close deals – and the 4P’s of value creation training – a framework describing the 4 steps companies can take to create, step by step, more value for their customers and thus become more successful.

I strive to be one of the most switched-on old heads in the rapidly changing world of sales. This enables me to inspire my clients towards new ways of selling, that are effectively helping their customers to reach their goals. I offer day and evening seminars, in-company pieces of training, and a flexible mentoring package, securing the implementation of the trained-on skills and knowledge.

FEEL FREE TO REACH OUT TO ME using my email address: dirk.verhoeven@dsalesmentor.com


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