Kathleen Engelen

The Diamond Frequency
Online courses and inspirational accessories for highly sensitive women and female empaths. I guide you in mastering your energy and manifesting the life of your dreams.

I’ll teach you how to clear, protect and master your energy as a sensitive woman.

By mastering your energy, you can master your life. Because we don’t only attract what we think and feel, we attract what we vibrate. 

You can let go of limiting beliefs and past negative experiences and really start enjoying life and living it on your own terms. No more people pleasing and other coping mechanisms, but just living your best life without feeling guilty. No more keeping yourself small, but being your bright, true self.


About our webshop

The Diamond Frequency Shop is a place where self-discovery meets elegance. 

Our print-on-demand collection is created for sensitive, spiritual women who believe in the transformative power of the law of attraction and the journey of personal development.

From keychains and mouse pads that share your favorite affirmation to journals and tote bags that inspire with amazing quotes, every product is designed to uplift and inspire. 

Surround yourself with items that reflect your aspirations and manifest your dreams. 


Master your energy, Manifest your dreams.

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